Renal Healthcare Association's Health Information Exchange (HIE)

The information source for renal dialysis organizations and electronic health record (EHR) vendors contracting with the Renal Healthcare HIE to submit End Stage Renal Disease Quality Reporting System (EQRS) data for end-stage renal disease patients.

Follow the four steps below to onboard with the Renal Healthcare HIE.

Get Started - Contracting

The Renal Healthcare Association is offering use of the Renal Healthcare HIE to any Renal Healthcare Association member or non-member organization for electronic data submission of EQRS quality data. To use the HIE, an organization must execute the HIE Participation Agreement.


Get Set - Facility Registration

Renal dialysis organizations with an approved contract from the Renal Healthcare HIE for EQRS quality data reporting must also register their individual facilities to report data for the patients at those facilities. The online registration is also where organizations can manage and update information for their registered facilities.

Get Connected - Connect to the HIE

Renal dialysis organizations that have completed contracting and facility registration can work with their EHR vendor to get connected to the HIE for their EQRS data submissions. The Renal Healthcare HIE supports secure API connectivity that integrates with the EHR vendor system. Contact your vendor for next steps to get connected to the Renal Healthcare HIE


Get Reports - CMS Data Quality Reports

Submitting patient and clinical data to EQRS through the Renal Healthcare HIE is cost-effective and efficient. CMS creates a wide variety of reports (distributed by the Renal Healthcare HIE) for renal dialysis organizations that provide quality and data submission information.

Maintenance Schedule

  • Production maintenance is scheduled monthly for up to a 3-hour outage starting at 10 PM EST/9 PM CST/8 PM MST/7 PM PST.
  • UAT maintenance is scheduled for a 2-hour outage the first Thursday of each month from 11 PM - 1 AM EST/12 PM – 2 AM CST/1 - 3 AM MST/ 2 - 4 AM PST.
  • Additional scheduled UAT maintenance is performed on a Thursday later in the month from 2-4 AM EST/3-5 AM CST/4-6 AM MST/5-7 AM PST.
RHA HIE Production Monthly Maintenance Schedule (2024)
January 18 February 22 March 21
April 18 May 23 June 20
July 18 August 22 September 19
October 17 November 21 December 19
RHA HIE UAT Monthly Maintenance Schedule (2024)
January 4 February 1 March 7
April 4 May 2 June 6
July 4 August 1 September 5
October 3 November 7 December 5


The Renal Healthcare HIE facilitates a process for electronic health record (EHR) vendors to become certified to electronically submit data to the EQRS repository through the Renal Healthcare HIE. This certification demonstrates the vendor has the technical capability to support this process and may promote this capability as a feature of their software.

Renal Healthcare RSE-HIE Support

The Renal Healthcare HIE website hosts self-help guides with tips for triaging data submission and issues, and an online form for support requests. The Support Request Form is set up with conditional logic to route the request to the team equipped to provide support for the issue.